MiG-15 fighter jet in Czech Republic

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Mike, UK :

Absolutly amazing adventure! Forces up to 5.5g! Never try.. never know.. it bring you to your knees... amazing... Thank you Mike

Reasons why you'll love this flight

  • The unique experience with no equal in Europe
  • Adrenaline rush... up to 5.5g will bring you to your knees
  • Individual approach and a tailored flight plan
  • Option to try piloting this magnificent aircraft
  • One of two MiG-15s in Europe

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= 2 999 €

Advanced aerobatics involving high g-forces

The most experienced pilots

The best price in Europe

A great location in the heart of Europe

Do you want to know what it feels like to be the pilot of a real fighter jet? Are you looking for your own Top Gun experience? If yes, one of the best fighter jets of all time is standing by:  the MiG-15!

The Czech-made MiG-15 fighter jet can attain a speed of more than 1,000 km/h, offering an intense and unique experience. Only two MiG-15s remain in operation in Europe, but only this single example is available for flights! The experience promises a big rush of adrenalin during dynamic and aerobatic flight demonstrations.

If the experience truly captivates you, you can make additional arrangements for flight training leading up to a pilot licence for this aircraft.  There is no better gift for those seeking adrenaline and unconventional flying thrills. 


This unique aerial experience is waiting for you at the Hradec Králové airport. Before the actual flight, you will first receive instruction on safety procedures and the flight plan, and you will learn more about the aircraft.  After your brief, you will get in your flight suit, jump in the cockpit and pierce the sky in a MiG-15 which can accelerate to a speed of over 1,000 km/h!

The price of flight in the MiG-15 includes:

  • instruction brief on theory, including the flight plan - information regarding on-board systems and pre-flight aircraft inspection

  • you will receive information on the flight controls in the cockpit

  • 15-minute flight (the whole experience takes approx. 1.5 hours)

  •  you will experience unique maneuvers 

  • flight suits and helmets are available

  • bonus flight video with a recording of your flight

  • after your flight, you will debrief with your pilot on the whole flight and the individual maneuvers and their tactical applications 


  • cornering forces up to 4g
  • horizontal flight
  • rolls, split S, loop
  • victory roll
  • low flyby
  • ....

Flight prerequisites

  • good state of health
  • age of over 18 years
  • maximum height of 190cm


The weather conditions must be optimal. The client will be in contact with the pilot before the flight to receive confirmation from the pilot that the flight may go ahead. 

Number of participants: 

The MiG-15 is a two-seater aircraft. This gift is therefore suitable for a single recipient.  The second person on board is a professional pilot. 


Spectators may be present in designated areas at the airport. Taking photos and videos is allowed. The maximum number of spectators is limited to 5 persons (please contact us in advance in the event of a larger group).


The duration of flight is 15 minutes. The total time spent at the airport is 1.5 hours. 


A flight suit will be provided for the actual flight.

Time of year

Flights are scheduled from spring to fall. 

What you should know

There are a total of 6 cameras inside the cockpit which are used to make an edited video. 

It is also possible to take your phone or GoPro camera on board and make your own video. 


Please make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance.

Technical data               

Wingspan: 10.08 m

Length: 10.10 m

Height: 3.70 m

Wing area: 20.60 m²

Empty weight: 3,681 kg       

Powerplant: Klimov VK-1 single turbojet engine

Take-off thrust: 2,700 kp (26,478 kN)

Maximum speed: 1,076 km/h (ground level)

Service ceiling: 15,500 m

Time of climb to 10,000 m: 5.5 minutes

Range: 565 km (at 1,000 m without auxiliary fuel tanks)

Max. range with aux. fuel tanks: 1,860 km       

History of the aircraft

The MiG-15UTI with serial number 242266 was built at Aero Vodochody under the licensed type designation CS-102 and fitted with an RD-45 engine. 

It was deployed with the Polish Air Force as a trainer jet until 22 November 1990. During its service, it was also flown by the first Polish astronaut Mirosław Hermaszewski.  The aircraft was conserved after the end of its military service.

In 1994, Mr Smith exported the MiG-15UTI to California, where it was based at the Paso Robles airport.  It was featured at numerous air shows across the United States to the enjoyment of its fans. 

In 2013, the aircraft returned to its “home skies” in the Czech Republic.  The fuselage carries the number 2514 used by the Pursuit Bomber Air Regiment before 1982.  It is differentiated by the tiger livery on the vertical stabiliser as a symbol of cooperation with the NATO Tigers Association.

Flight reviews

Mike, UK :

Absolutly amazing adventure! Forces up to 5.5g! Never try.. never know.. it bring you to your knees... amazing... Thank you Mike

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