Jet Fighter Flight L-39

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  • Do you want to give a special gift? Something that would blow the donee´s mind.
  • Give a flight on the jet fighter as a present! Flying in a fighter is the lifelong dream of many people and we’ll help make this dream come true.
  • Many of us wanted to be pilots so why not to fulfill a childhood dream? We only live once!
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We’ll present you with the L-39 Albatros at the airport. The pilot will familiarize you with the cockpit and instruments. You can expect a memorable take-off and aerial aerobatics. The maximum airspeed will be 750 km/h! With the huge g-forces and incredible speed, you’ll feel like a real jet fighter pilot for a while. The difficulty level and the flight program can be discussed with the pilot and modified based on your desires and physical condition.

Aerobactic maneuvers during the flight:

  • Turns
  • Looping
  • Rolling
  • Zero-g
  • Loss of speed
  • Steep climbs
  • Steep dives
  • Low passes
  • And more…


The minimum age requirement for the jet fighter flight is 18. Being in good health is also another important requirement.


The date is arranged with the pilot prior to the flight.

Number of participants

The L-39 is a two-seat aircraft, so this gift can be for just one person. The second person onboard is the professional jet fighter pilot. A ground crew will also monitor your flight.


Spectators are allowed within a marked area at the airport. They are also permitted to take photos and make videos.


The flight duration is 15 minutes.


The cockpit of the L-39 Albatros is air-conditioned. You will receive all clothing for the flight.


Flights are possible throughout the entire year.

You should know

You can also purchase a DVD of your experience. There are three onboard cameras, one recording the lower fuselage with a view of the landing gear, with the other two cameras shooting you and the pilot’s view. In addition, it’s possible to film your take-off and landing from a ground perspective. The honoree can also be secretly recorded. Later you can give him/her a DVD of the flight as an added gift.

Flight reservations

At least two weeks in advance.

Reasons why you'll love this flight

  • Advanced aerobatics involving high g-forces
  • The most experienced L-39 Albatros pilots
  • The best price in Europe
  • An authentic flight experience involving military basement
  • Great accessibility of the location in the heart of Europe

Flight video

Where you're flying

Technical specifications

Crew: 2 (instructor and trainee)

Length: 12.13 m

Wingspan: 9.46 m

Height: 4.77 m

Wing Area: 18.8 m2

Wing profile: NACA 64A012 mod

Weight: 3459 kg

Max. takeoff weight: 4700 kg

Powerplant: 1x Progress turbofan engine/Ivčenko AI-25 TL

Engine thrust: 16.9 kN




Max. speed: 750 km/h at an altitude of 5000 m

Range: 1100 km at 5000 m (1750 km with additional fuel pumps)

Max. usable altitude (Service Ceiling): 11,500 m

Rate of climb: 22 m/s

Wind load: 250.0 kg/m2

Thrust/Weight: 0.37

Take-off roll: 530 m

Landing roll: 650 m

The Aero L-39 Albatros is a two-seat subsonic jet aircraft developed by Aero Vodochody. Manufactured in the 1960s it became the standard jet trainer aircraft of the Warsaw Pact. The chief engineer was Ing. Jan Vlček. Along with the jet trainer aircraft, a ground-based flight training complex with a flight simulator was created.

The Aero L-39 Albatros is a versatile aircraft intended for basic and fighter pilot training. It can be utilized as combat aircraft or take action against aerial targets. Thanks to its perfect flight specifications and easy handling, it’s also suitable for aerobatics. It has a traditional steering system without hydraulic power and it’s equipped with ejection seats.

Even though these aircraft are being gradually replaced by more modern ones, many of them are still performing their pilot training function and some are the personal property of pilots all over the world. Within the Czech Republic the Aero L-39 Albatros fighters are operated by the training squadron in Čáslav and the Flight Training Center in Pardubice.

Flight reviews




From the morning, I was excited. We arrived at the airport and adrenalin increased. The first Jet Fighter flew in front of us and we saw how Albatros L-39 makes twists (turns, loopings and rollings) at 300 kilometers per hour! Believe me, it will amaze you! Before the flight, you will learn how to use a catapult and it will not let you calm :)

Here it comes.. I climbed into the cockpit, strapped me in, put on a helmet, repeated instructions and suddenly we are taking off. The start can not be compared with starting the Ferrari or Caterham, it is about 20 times stronger.

I would like to describe you the beauty from the aircraft and the feelings in turns and loopings, but it is impossible. You have to try it!

For me it was the perfect experience of a lifetime. For a moment you will feel like a pilot from Top Gun. I recommend to buy a DVD from GO PRO which is fixed in the cockpit.