Jet Fighter Flight L-29

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Ann, England :

The flight was 'Wow' . Great Pilot who didn't disappoint and let me take control for a few minutes. Plenty of aerobatics and plenty of G's pulled.  

They provided an awesome experience, one I won't forget. Thank you Ann

Reasons why you'll love this flight

  • Advanced aerobatics involving high g-forces
  • The most experienced L-29 Delfin pilots
  • The best price in Europe
  • An authentic experience at a military base
  • A great location in the heart of Europe

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= 1 340 €

Advanced aerobatics involving high g-forces

The most experienced pilots

The best price in Europe

A great location in the heart of Europe - Brno, Czech Republic

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  • What about an experience jet fighter flight as a gift?
  • The Jet Fighter L-29 Delfin is a 2-seat subsonic jet aircraft that reaches the speed up to 680 km/h in horizontal flight and 860 km/h in vertical flight.
  • If you’re thinking about what to give to someone who already has everything, try an experience that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.
  • Flying the Jet Fighter L-29 is the most popular experience of 2017!
  • Give this unique Jet L-29 Delfin flying experience as a gift and let the recipient enjoy his secret, unfulfilled fantasy.
  • The L-29 still serves in the armies around the world as a combat aircraft.
  • Location: Brno, Czech Republic


We’ll present you with the L-29 Delfin fighter jet at the airport. The pilot will get you familiar with the cockpit and the controls. Then a memorable take-off will push you into your seat and the aerobatics are about to start with the maximum airspeed of 650 km/h! With the huge g-forces and incredible speed, you’ll feel like a real jet fighter pilot for a while. The difficulty level and the flight´s program can be discussed with the pilot and modified based on your desires and physical condition.

Aerobatic maneuvers during the flight:

  • Turns
  • Looping
  • Rolling
  • Zero-g
  • Loss of speed
  • Steep climbs                                                            
  • Steep dives
  • Low passes
  • And more…

The colors of the aircraft copy the ones on original Slovak squadrons – a three-color camouflage consisting of irregular surfaces of sand, dark green and dark brown and the tri-color Slovak coat of arms.


The minimum age requirement for the jet fighter flight is 18. Being in good health is also another important requirement.


The date with optimal weather conditions is arranged with the pilot prior to the flight.

Number of participants

The L-29 is a two-seat aircraft, so this gift can be for just one person. The second person on board is the professional jet fighter pilot. A ground crew will also monitor your flight.


Spectators are allowed (max. 4 people, more is for an additional fee) within a marked area at the airport. They are also permitted to take photos and make videos.


The flight´s duration is 15 minutes.

The total duration of the experience is about 2 hours (including pre-flight briefing with an experienced fighter pilot + the actual flight + after-flight briefing).


The cockpit of the L-29 Delfin is air-conditioned and you will receive all necessary clothing for the flight on the spot.


Flights are possible all year round.

Flight reservations

At least 2 weeks in advance.

You should know

An English/Russian speaking pilot is also available after prior arrangement.


Technical specifications

Crew: 2 (instructor and trainee)

Length: 10.81 m

Wingspan: 10.29 m

Height: 3.13 m

Wing Area (Deck): 19.8 m2

Wing profile: NACA 642A217

Weight (loaded): 3286 kg

Max. takeoff weight: 3540 kg

Powerplant: 1x Motorlet M-701C turbojet engine

Engine thrust: 8.7 kN



Max. speed: 655 km/h at an altitude of 5000 m

Range: 900 km

Service ceiling: 11,500 m

Rate of climb: 14 m/s

Wing loading: 166 kg/m2

Thrust/Weight ratio: 0.25

Take-off roll: 615 m

Landing roll: 645 m

History of the aircraft


The Aero L-29 Delfin was the first jet trainer aircraft designed and built in Czechoslovakia. The original prototype had already taken off in 1959 but had been powered by a British engine. The aircraft served in weapons training roles, thus equipped with hardpoints to carry gun pods, bombs or missiles. The total number of manufactured aircrafts was 3600, still an unbeaten record in the jet trainer category. In most countries, the L-29 Delfin was replaced by its successor, the Aero L-39 Albatros.

Presently the L-29 serves in only a few military forces. They utilize it as a fighter aircraft during ground attack missions and also to attack low-flying targets.

Many L-29s had already become the personal property of avid collectors by the early 1990s. Today several privately-owned Delfins are flying around. They often appear on air shows, always waking up great interest among the spectators.

Flight reviews

Ann, England :

The flight was 'Wow' . Great Pilot who didn't disappoint and let me take control for a few minutes. Plenty of aerobatics and plenty of G's pulled.  

They provided an awesome experience, one I won't forget. Thank you Ann


I was actually visiting Vienna, but since Brno is a short train ride away, I bought a railjet tickets and booked a 30min flight. Very easy to book and coordinate. Kamila stayed in contact during the booking process and provided updates as the flight date approached. Not sure how to explain, but it was a thrilling ride, with inverted flight, Vertical Stalls, barrel rolls, loops, Immelmann turns, etc. Loved every minute of the flight. The ground staff is great as well. The whole event was perfect.


From the morning, I was excited. We arrived at the airport and adrenalin increased. The first Jet Fighter flew in front of us and we saw how Delfin L-29 makes twists (turns, loopings and rollings) at 300 kilometers per hour! Believe me, it will amaze you! Before the flight, you will learn how to use a catapult and it will not let you calm :)

Here it comes.. I climbed into the cockpit, strapped me in, put on a helmet, repeated instructions and suddenly we are taking off. The start can not be compared with starting the Ferrari or Caterham, it is about 20 times stronger.

I would like to describe you the beauty from the aircraft and the feelings in turns and loopings, but it is impossible. You have to try it!

For me it was the perfect experience of a lifetime. For a moment you will feel like a pilot from Top Gun. I recommend to buy a DVD from GO PRO which is fixed in the cockpit.

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