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  • Experience piloting the LEGENDARY AH-1 COBRA ATTACK HELICOPTER
  • You will be overwhelmed by a dose of adrenaline at manoeuvres close to the ground
  • You will enjoy the advanced piloting techniques
  • You will learn all about the history and the present
  • You will also take a look under the hood

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Would you like to try piloting the LEGENDARY AH-1 COBRA ATTACK HELICOPTER and enjoy manoeuvres close to the ground? It definitely won´t be a relaxing flight, but a good dose of adrenaline. The two-seat Cobra helicopter was designed for straight combat with its opponents, and you will try its piloting yourselves. The AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter was developed for fighting other helicopters, fighter planes
but also ground targets.

You will try piloting the LEGENDARY AH-1 COBRA ATTACK HELICOPTER, including breath-taking manoeuvres close to the ground. Before the adrenaline flight, you will learn about the history of the AH-1 COBRA ATTACK HELICOPTER. We will tell you how it protected our borders, and provide you with all the information about the weapon system the AH-1 COBRA ATTACK HELICOPTER was and is equipped with.
After your arrival to the airport, you will get all the information about the AH-1 COBRA helicopter.

Our experienced instructor will give you the behind-the-scenes information, a safety briefing, answer your questions and provide you with a lot of information and interesting things from his practice with AH-1 COBRA flights. During the pre-flight inspection, you will see AH-1 COBRA uncovered and will have a chance
to look under its hood.

15-minute flight:
Remarkable flight in the AH-1 COBRA helicopter spiced by advanced pilotage
manoeuvres. You will experience the flight exactly as during combat attacks to
ground targets in close-to-ground heights.

The course of the experience:
- briefing
- explanation of control elements
- familiarization with the mission (for 60-minute flights)
- helicopter presentation
- flight packed with manoeuvres
- after-flight briefing with the pilot and questions

Minimum client age: 18 years

Maximum client weight: 110 kg Height does not matter.

The briefing with the pilot in Czech and also in English languages.

The date and time will be confirmed based on current weather conditions after
agreement with the pilots.

All year round. In January and February, the aircraft is regularly checked, so the
operation is limited.

Number of clients:
The AH-1 COBRA ATTACK HELICOPTER is designed for two persons. It means the
pilot plus one client.

Can be present, take photographs and record videos. The maximum number of
spectators: 10 persons.

Flight duration:
15 minutes

At least two weeks in advance or upon agreement.

We recommend comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes. Flight suits cannot be rented.

Technical specifications:

Full name: AH-1S COBRA
Manufacturer: BELL Helicopter (USA)
Number of Persons: 2 persons (Front seat - gunmaster/passenger | Rear seat
- pilot)
Helicopter dimensions: Length = 16.2 m / Height = 4.12 m / Width = 3.05 m
(including wings)
Drive unit: 1x turboshaft AVCO Lycoming T53-L-703
Engine power: 1,800 hp
Max. take-off mass: 4,535 kg
Helicopter weight: 2,993 kg
Fuel type: JET A-1
Max. speed: 318 km/h
Max. range: 680 km
Max. height: 3,719 m
Tank volume: 992 l

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The AH-1 Cobra helicopter is an American single-engine two-seat attack helicopter. It destroyed not only live targets but also enemy´s battle machinery. It entered the army service in 1967, and was promptly deployed in the Vietnam war. Its last military action was fighting in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

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