MIG-21 jet fighter simulator in Czech Republic

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  • The only flight simulator using a complete jet fighter
  • Unique projection dome setting
  • Absolutely faithful sound
  • Equipped for battle with an endless supply of rockets and lives
  • Using R-3S rockets, a GSh-23 cannon, and a Russian FAB-250 M54 TU blast bomb

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Are you looking for a unique adrenalin rush? Would you like to try flying MIG 21 fighter jet, but have some concerns about going airborne? Do you want to know what it is like - being a pilot, but still remain on solid ground? Then come and experience our unparalleled MIG-21 jet fighter simulator Czech Republic built from an actual decommissioned aircraft – using not just the cockpit, but the whole plane! All of the flight controls are original MIG 21 jet fighter, and the reality of the experience is guaranteed by a projection screen which will immerse you straight in the action. 

Six HD projectors show the scenery on a custom-built dome above you and offer breathtaking views from ahead, to the sides and also overhead.  A 2000W speaker system is installed to perfectly simulate the sounds of a MIG-21 fighter jet.


This unique MIG-21 experience is waiting for you in Liberec. You will receive a short brief before entering the cockpit of MIG-21 simulator of fighter jet. After receiving instructions, you can jump in the cockpit and start your mission.  You will take off, retract the landing gear and get ready for battle. To maximise your enjoyment, your flight in MIG-21 will have an unlimited number of lives and also rockets.


The flight includes:

  • take-off and landing at any airport around the world
  • engaging enemy aircraft with R-3S rockets or a 23 mm twin-barrel GSh-23 cannon
  • performing aerobatic maneuvers, such as inverted flight, aileron rolls, half rolls, loops, split S, and stall turns
  • virtual ejection in the event of a hit
  • engaging ground targets with FAB-250 M54 TU blast bomb 

Flight prerequisites:

  • good state of health
  • height of 160 cm - 200 cm, waist circumference up to 135 cm



Not affected by weather. The simulation is located indoors.


Number of participants:

This experience is designed only for a single participant. 



Spectators may be present in the VIP lounge and view the pilot on a projector screen. 



The duration of the experience is 30 minutes.



Please prepare sportswear and indoor court shoes for your flight (you will break out a sweat - we recommend packing an extra t-shirt :).


Time of year

Year-round without limitation


What you should know

We will commemorate your flight with a photo, and a video of your flight will be sent to you as a link to a private video on YouTube.



Please make a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance.


Histoire de l’avion

The simulator MIG 21 uses a Russian-made supersonic Mikoyan-Gurevich MIG-21 (Fishbed) jet fighter, which has been in service since the beginning of the 1960s until today. The exact type used for our simulator is the MIG-21 MF 9414.

Over 10,000 units of this type were manufactured in total and operated by more than 30 countries. They remain in service in some countries even until today.  The MIG-21 has been deployed in battle, for example in the Vietnam War. 


Series production started in 1959. The MIG-21 served in the Czechoslovak People´s Army and later also in the Army of the Czech Republic. It was produced under licence by Aero Vodochody in 1963-1972.


Our own MIG 21 jet fighter was made in 1974 in Moscow with serial number 969414. It remained in service until 2004 and logged over 1,400 flight hours. MIG 21 fighter jet was flown by many famous pilots, including Czech cosmonaut Oldřich Pelčák.


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