Jet Fighter Flight L-39 Albatros

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Price from 1 322 €

Coming soon! More information on e-mail. You want to give a special gift this time, something that would blow the receiver’s mind. So give a flight on a jet fighter as a present! Flying on a fighter is the lifelong dream of many people and we’ll help make this dream come true. Many of us wanted to be pilots so why not live out a childhood dream? After all, we only live once!

Jet Fighter Flight L-29 Delfin

Most popular experience for the year 2016!

Price from 1 099 €

What about a jet fighter flight as a gift? The Jet Fighter L-29 Delfin is a two-seat subsonic jet aircraft that reaches a speed of up to 680 km/h in horizontal flight and 860 km/h in vertical flight. If you’re thinking hard on what to give someone who already has everything, try an experience they’ll never forget. This is the most popular experience for the year 2016! Present a unique flying experience on the L-29 Delfin, and let the receiver enjoy his or her secret, unfulfilled fantasy. It still flies within a military capacity in armies around the world.

Jet Fighter Flight as a Present

Provide a unique adrenalin experience equal to nothing else in the world! Flights on the L-39 and L-29 fighter jets take place in Brno and Plzeň, the Czech Republic.

Why buy a jet fighter flight?

  • Present the adrenalin experience of a lifetime
  • Make a dream come true
  • Provide 900 seconds of dynamic emotions

Whether you choose a flight on the L-29 Delfin or the L-39 Albatros, professional pilots rich in experience and with over a thousands minutes flown annually will take care of you.

Price of a jet fighter flight

We have been providing jet fighter flights to our customers for over nine years. Thanks to our high sales we can afford to set very low prices, starting from €1065 for a single flight. You won’t find cheaper!


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